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Water-based Banana/Lemon/Strawberry/Grape Lubricant

Water-based Banana/Lemon/Strawberry/Grape Lubricant

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Water-based Banana/Lemon/Strawberry/Grape Lubricant :

This water-based lubricant combines the natural sweetness of bananas, lemons, strawberries, and grapes with a specially formulated oil blend. This light and silky formula provides a smooth glide that won’t leave you greasy or sticky. Perfect for all types of play, this long-lasting lubricant is designed to help enhance your intimate experience. Enjoy more pleasure without the worry of skin irritation or discomfort. Safe to use with condoms and all sex toys, this lubricant is ideal for both solo and couple play. Whether you are looking for more pleasure or want something to make things smoother, this may be your go-to lubricant. Get your groove with water-based banana, lemon, strawberry, and grape lubricant! 

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