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PeePee Pillow™

PeePee Pillow™

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Introducing the unique and irresistibly charming PeePee Pillow™! Crafted to perfection, this plush companion is exclusively stuffed with premium cotton, ensuring maximum softness and comfort. With its expedited shipping, you can have this delightful product delivered to your doorstep within just 4-7 business days!

Prepare to be mesmerized by PeePee Pillow's adorable little eyes, which add an extra touch of character to its already endearing demeanor. This giant pillow measures a whopping 20 inches in length, guaranteeing a truly huggable experience. However, it's worth mentioning that PeePee Pillow's sheer girth is nothing short of awe-inspiring!

While some may find PeePee Pillow's dimensions amusing, we assure you that its cuddliness knows no bounds. Its velvety texture and pillowy goodness will become your ultimate source of comfort and relaxation. Just snuggle up with PeePee Pillow, and let all your worries melt away.

However, please be aware that PeePee Pillow's cuteness may reach levels that exceed reality. The mesmerizing black eyes, though petite, possess a charm that can captivate your attention for hours. We encourage you to resist losing yourself in their gaze in public, as explaining your fascination with a colossal plush chode might prove quite challenging!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a Pillow of such uniqueness and charm! PeePee Pillow is eagerly waiting to become your new favorite snuggle buddy. Purchase yours today and experience the joy of cuddling with a plush companion that is undeniably cuter than the real deal!

Kinda long, kinda chonk, the absolute unit!

Stuffed with premium cotton!

PeePee Pillow™

  • Ships within 4 - 7 business days!
  • Adorable little eyes
  • EXTREMELY girthy
  • Very cuddly
  • Cuter than a real one

Meet PeePee Pillow, a giant cuddly pillow that packs some frankly obscene girth. This stuffed toy is nearly 20 inches long and has slightly terrifying black little eyes that you could get lost in if you tried. We recommend you don’t try though. Explaining to a bystander why you were gazing longingly at a humongous plush chode is no mean feat.

PeePee Pillow™

Snuggle up with PeePee Pillow and rest your head on his lovely soft shaft - or keep him on your desk to make your colleagues INSTANTLY contact HR to voice their concerns. Treat yourself to this adorable addition to your plush collection - because you’re girth it.

We offer free replacement for any lost package or damaged product!

Please contact us via email at

Available online only. We ship worldwide!

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PeePee Pillow™

Please note: this is not an accurate to scale version of a human one. Thank god.

PeePee Pillow™
stop looking at me, perv


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